About Me


Hello there.

I’m Gail Boenning, a curious storyteller who learns about life by stacking connections into stories that readers can see, feel and touch.

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Winding Roads Go Places

An observer of sky, earth, and everything in between, I’ve been a public servant, an educator of burgeoning minds, a schooled food entrepreneur, a wife, a mother and an embracer of furry, four legged companions. I’ve taught thinkers young and old, spoken to groups small and large, and never once stopped learning along the way. Every twist and turn has led me to the page, where weaving words quickens my heart and stirs my mind.

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I Believe

Stories shape the way we see and experience the world. Stories foster curiosity. Stories live in our subconscious. I believe well told stories encourage positivity, empathy and connection.  

Do you believe in the power of a story, too?


Stories Matter

I’ve had stories featured in the following publications: P.S. I Love You, 100 Naked Words, The Junction, That Odd Mom, Thoughts and Ideas, Future Travel, Art & Marketing, Startups & Venture Capital and Breathe Publication.